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Village with 1,800 inhabitants 6 km to the southwest from Pécs, at the southern foot of the Mecsek. Its history goes back to the Roman times, the name of the village was first mentioned in a document in 1305 as 'Pelerd'. In 1690 a silk factory started working, the breeding of silkworms started and spreaded in Hungary from here. In 1840 the first steam-mill in Baranya was built in Pellérd. In 1877 the new owner of the estate became Kálmán Brázay. He founded the fish ponds, regulated Fekete water and invented spirits of salt. The Brázay castle is a siginificant architectural monument (József Ferenc and his accompaniment stayed here in the autumn of 1901). There is also a castle park and there are fish ponds. The establishment of an entertainment centre has been started in the park. On the second week of June June Feast is organized in the park. Other outstanding events: Vintage Feast on the second week of September, Village Day on the second week of November.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Pellérd
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