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Village with 242 inhabitants south of Tapolca at the southern foot of Szent György hill. It was first mentioned in documents in 1420. Its vicinity is crossed by the brooks Tapolca and Kétöles, the Tapolca-Keszthely railway line and the road connecting Hegymagas and Szigliget. A marked hiking path leads from the railway station through the street of the village to the top of the 415 m high Szent György hill calling at the resting-place in the yard of the deserted quarry. The lovers of nature can enjoy a wonderful view from the hill. Going through the hilltop one can get to the basalt organs then descending to the rest-house. The peaceful surroundings of the village, which is free from the noises of modern world , is ideal for relaxation. Hiking, vintage and the display of old peasant tools and costumes give unforgettable experience to the visitor. The Szent György hill with its unique viticulture and the hospitable owners of the wine cellars with their excellent wines await visitors.

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