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The village was built at the southern foot of Fülöp hill of 274 metres; it is the entrance of Káli hollow.

Ancient place of port because of the compared closeness of the other shore. Resort place of 1,300 inhabitants with ideal natural fundamentals. The prospering medieval village was destroyed by the Turkish around 1548. Thereafter Révfülöp became a depopulated area and later on the vineyard of Kővágóörs.

Water trips started again in 1752, in 1779 a ferry-house was built on the shore. In 1899 the Association for Decorating the Bath and Shore at Révfülöp was established by the owners of villas and summer cottages that, via large-scale construction of beach, borderline of shore, creation of parks etc. created the bases of the current site of Révfülöp.

In spite of the great developments carried out in the 1960s, the structure of the village has not changed, it saved the character of a mountain village for Révfülöp. Ruins of the church of the medieval Fülöp village built from red sand-stones in the 13th century are opposite to the railway station.
The centre of Révfülöp is the area around the port; always full of crowd, with buildings erected at the beginning of the century in eclectic style as well as with small shops and wine-shops.
House at the port with a spectacular historical exhibition of Révfülöp and its beach (Knowledge of Country Collection). Lake-Shore Gallery with great exhibitions is placed in the Community House, too.

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