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Rózsaszentmárton is a little village lying at the south-western boundary of the Mátra, 20 km from Hatvan. Somlyó Hill at the edge of the village is the last volcanic cone of the Mátra. From the top of Somlyó Hill you can enjoy the unforgettable view: the low hills of Cserhát closing the scenery on the west and the highest peak of Hungary, the Kékes on the east. Rózsaszentmárton is one of the famous wine-growing villages of the historical Mátraalja Wine Region. The cellars of Tardóc and Nagyvölgy are worth visiting. The village was famous for coal mining as well, so every year there are celebrations on Miners' Day. There is a memorial house about the history of lignite mining. The millennial park and rose garden with a fountain with the deeds of St. Stephen carved in the stone are also worth visiting. The village museum is open every day. The Ágó brook flowing accross the village passes by a marvellous lake. It is regarded to be the clearest lake in Central Europe so divers use it for practising. You can buy a day ticket to angle. There are many cultural programmes, too: making May trees on 30th of April, Rose Days, grape-harvest procession in September, Martin's Day celebrations in November.

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