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Village with only 78 inhabitants at the southwestern edge of Káli Basin, greeting the visitors arriving from Lake Balaton with a sea of stones lying on the fields of the village. Majority of the old buildings are nicely renovated by the new owners. Salföld has become a real tidy resort village decorated with lots of flowers. Church of the village was built in 1769 in late Baroque style. The Nature Conservation Farm introducing the indigenous Hungarian animal species (e.g. ŚrackaŚ sheep, Hungarian shepherdŚs dog called ŚkomondorŚ, grey cattle, buffalo) was constructed by the professionals of Balaton Uplands National Park in the vici<->nity of the village. The farm is also the tourist and information centre of the national park, sights of Káli Basin may be visited both on horseback and by horse-carriage departing from here. Clear water lakes had been created in the mine pits below the village. Ruins of a Paulite monastery (16th century) are hidden in the woods, south of Salföld.

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