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Village on the northern part of Tapolca basin, at the south-western foot of Agártető. It was first mentioned in documents in 1385 as the estate of the Rátóti-Gyulaffy family. The Romanesque Roman Catholic church can be found on the edge of the village. It stands on the site of the chapel which was demolished during the Mongol invasion. In the summer of 1250 King Béla IV. also attended the dedication of the church built in honour of Saint Imre. The late Baroque statue of Saint John of Nepomuk from 1892 can be found on the road to Zalahalápi. The Emberkő (Manstone) cliff is above the village. It was probably formed by a gully but according to a local legend it was carved by a monk of the Paulite monastery founded by Gyula Rátóti in 1260 to show the way to travellers. It is worth seeing the exhibtion of local history in the House of Regional Traditions, which is a listed mounument. The forests around Sáska were the hunting ground of the kings in Árpád's age. Outstanding events: the Village Day with vintage procession and the patronal festival on Saint Imre's day.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Sáska
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