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Small town with 3,400 inhabitants, the most significant settlement of Ormánság region in South-Dunántúl; youngest city of Baranya county, it was granted the privileges of a town in September 1997. The town was in its glory in the era of King Matthias, at that time it was an estate and church centre, during the Turkish times it became a court seat. Sellye was granted the privileges of an agricultural town by Joseph II in 1781. The only monument building of Sellye, the Baroque Draskovich mansion (18th century) stands on Köztársaság square. The park surrounding the mansion was constructed in the 1760s, currently it is decorated with 355 species of trees, the giant redwood is of special interest from among them. Géza Kiss Museum of Ormánság Region stands on the square in front of the mansion, with the statue of Géza Kiss next to it. In the building of the museum an exhibition (ŚRemains from the life of people of OrmánságŚ) may be visited while in the yard a so-called Śhouse standing on feetŚ can be found transported here from Csányoszró, introducing a peasant familyŚs apartment from the end of the last century. Another sight of the town is the open-air bath supplied not only with swimming-pools and a childrenŚs pool but with a boating lake, too.

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