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The small village of 1,500 inhabitants is situated in the middle of county Somogy. It was first mentioned in documents as the ancient property of the Győr clan in 1364 under the name Saard. Since 1454 it was mentioned as Sárd. The former market-town was donated to Antal Somssich by the king in 1752. At the beginning of the 19th century Sárd was given the rank of holding national fairs, too. The highwaymen's inn was built by the Somssich family, which later became the meeting place of the outlaws. Other sights related with the name of this family are the Roman Catholic Holy Trinity Church built between 1755 and 1758, and the mansion built in Baroque style and in the style of the age of Louis XVI. in France. It has a 7 ha park, where the horse centre of the National Police Office is operating, which organizes training for mounted policemen, and also deals with breeding service halfbred horses. Pál Somssich (1811-1888) was born in the village, who was a famous politician of the Deák party, between 1869 and 1872 he was the Speaker of the House, and he founded the Grammar School of Kaposvár (Táncsics Grammar School today). Another famous person of the village was János Somssich (1824-1855), who fought in the war of independence of 1848-49 as a lieutenant colonel.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Somogysárd
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