Village with 800 inhabitants in Baranya county 15 km west of Mohács, accessible on road 75. The village was first mentioned in records in 1015, it had an independent parsonage in the times of Saint Stephen. As a result of the Mohács battle fought on the fields of the village, it was depopulated, and resettled with Germans in the middle of the 18th century. Ratio of German nationality is of 70 percents (in spite of the former removal of population) today, too. Szajk is a village consisting of four streets, with a few parks and lots of flowers in it. Late Baroque church of the village was built in 1753 and chapel Saint Vendel (1760) belonging to the cemetary is also a nice edifice of the Baroque architecture. Both of them are protected monuments. Walls of the chapel of the calvary built in 1861 are decorated with the frescoes of Ernő Gebauer painter.

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