Village with 600 inhabitants 12 km south from Szekszárd, lies in a U-formed valley, surrounded with hills and forrests. It had been an orthodox catholic village till 1770, roman catholic Germans were settled to the village between 1770 and 1780, the Germans built up the Saint Joseph church (late baroque style) from the gift of Batthyány Lajos in 1797. After the relocations which followed the II. World War Hungarians from the Felvidék were settled into the village. Szálka's touristical magnetisms are the forrests and the 60 hectare placed catchment lake wich was developed in 1979. The lake is good for fishing and the beach is available for swimming and also camping. The doctors marathon are hold here in June for several years. There is operating a camp of the "For Art Foundation" wich affects the cultural life of Szálka - concerts, outdoor shows, and it is possible to get to know folk handicrafts. There's working a German Ethnical Choire and dancing team. The exhibition which shows German Traditions and the vineculture is waiting for the enquirers. Szálka village clear air, it's forrests and lake is ideal for swimming fishing, hunting, relaxing and outing.

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