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A large village with 2,680 inhabitants, it is situated on the eastern slopes of the Mecsek hills in the northern part of Baranya county. There is a Roman Catholic church in the village, the adjacent castle is first mentioned in the documents in 1332. The so-called Gothic sedile, found during the exploration of the castle is unique. The castle is not open to the public, but the plans of the reconstruction have been completed and given permission, the tenders are underway. Sculptor György Kiss, György Zala´s contemporary, was born in Szászvár. His works can be admired among others in Pécs, Budapest, Esztergom, Rome and Vienna. A permanent photo exhibition on his works can be seen on the first floor of Restaurant Vadrózsa. Near the border of the village black coal was mined for more than 180 years. The traditions of mining are presented today in the museum of the settlement. The village has been the administrative, commercial, educational and health-care centre of the region since the Turkish times. The cold water bath with modern water circulating equipment has been open since the summer of 2003. The Fishing lake near the border of the village and the sports ground are ideal for tourism. There is a permanent exhibition on the tools and relics of wine growing in the Wine house. The local wine growers in the row of cellars welcome visitors with a glass of wine. The Village House was opened in April 2005 with a cooking facility for 200 persons, a restaurant, club rooms and a garden.

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