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The village in the south-western corner of county Somogy is accessible on road from Csurgó, which is 8 km from the village from Nagyatád. The living museum of primeval nature is the 174 ha primeval bog, lake Baláta near Szenta. It has been protected for more than half a century, as its special micro-climate has preserved animal and plant species from the Ice age as well as tropical species. The rare insect-catching pondweed, Aldrovanda vesiculosa grows here, which can be found only in 50 places in the world. The region is the habitat for two animal species which can be seen very rarely: the underwood vole and the black version of the viper. The primeval bog is ideal for pond tortoises, spotted and great newts and it is extremely rich in birds. Rare birds such as the raven, the bee-hawk, the black stork can be found in the region, the latter became the heraldic animal of Szenta. In the north and in the east the village is surrounded by forests the most common trees of which include oak, alder, Austrian oak and acacia trees. The big game of the forests include deers, roe-deers and boars. Near the village you can find seven fishing lakes which are excellent for relaxation and recreation.
Szenta was first mentioned in records in 1360. From the end of the 15th century it was owned by György Forster and János Bornemissza and later it belonged to the Zrínyi family. The Festetics family owned the territory until the end of World War II. The village had the second largest territory in the county. 1970 was an important year in the life of the village, as the road leading to Csurgó was built, which meant that the village was not isolated any longer.
The village is proud of its impressive village house built in 1933, which houses the nursery school, the junior classes of the elementary school, the library and the community centre. In 1999 the Gyöngyösbokréta Women's club was founded with 13 members. Since then they have entertained the locals at several programmes with songs and dances wearing the local national costumes, and they have had successful performances in Somogyszob and Csurgó. The Catholic and the Calvinist churches have been renewed. The thermal water at the border of the village is to be utilized, it is ready for investment. The narrow-gauge railway and the built forest paths offer several excursion spots. In the past years horse riding camps have become popular, accommodation is also offered in the village.

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