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Small village with 420 inhabitants in beautiful surroundings 6 kms from Lake Balaton (Zánka). It is the geographical, economic and administrative centre of the region of Nivegy valley. It is the best maintained vineyard of the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region. There are almost 150 wine cellars on the hills which border the village from three sides. The wine route of Zánka-Nivegy valley has 6 stations here. The wine cellars of the local co-operative can be visited. Outstanding event is the Village Days on the first weekend of July, after the patronal festival on Saint Anthony's day. Sights of the village: the churches built in the 18th century, the renovated peasant houses and the recently renewed 'Kiskút' (Small well) and wash place in Kút street. The restoration of Nagykút (Big Well), which used to be a drinking place for animals, was finished last year.

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