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Village of great atmosphere and nice environment on the northern edge of Káli Basin at Balaton Highland. Popular resort village with renovated old houses, romantic streets, inns and fiery white wine. The most outstanding sight of the village is the Roman Catholic church of medieval origin built on the hill-top and renovated in 18th century Baroque style. The 58 meter-long cellar of Pegazus Inn below the church was built by Italian masters around 1240. The most spectacular sea of stones of Káli Basin with house-sized rocks can be visited at the northwestern border of the village. The deserted gravel mine at the northern edge of the village was rebuilt as a place for performing cultural programmes and theatre productions. Palace ruin of Veléte is hidden in a wooded place along the path running to the north from the church; these ruins are the remains of a bishop's palace from the 14th century.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Szentbékkálla
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