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Szentkirályszabadja with its 2,020 inhabitants is one of the oldest settlements in Veszprém county. Its name was originally Szabadi, because, according to traditions, its inhabitants got their privileges of nobility from King Saint Stephen. According to unwritten relics Prince Koppány's body was quartered on a hill of the village - on the present-day Catholic church hill - by Stephen, after he had been defeated in the battle that took place in the neighbourhood. The privileged royal village was first mentioned in a document in 1269. There were 48 households counted in Szentkirályszabadja in the assessment of taxes in 1488. Since 1550 the number of the inhabitants had decreased because of the Turkish rule. In the Middle Ages it was the most populous village of nobles with one hide of land. The legal status of Szentkirályszabadja has become consolidated in the 18th century. After 1848 the development of the village came to a stop because of the loss of the privileges of nobility. The village has had its own administrative system since 1989. The Saint King Association was founded on 15th August 1997. They co-ordinate the settlements of Hungary and those of the surrounding countries holding the name of Saint Stephen or other Hungarian kings and organize a meeting on 15th August each year. Their aim is to get acquainted with each other's cultural values, to preserve traditions, form personal and economic relations. Sights: The 13th century Roman Catholic church, which was rebuilt in late Gothic style, the former Tallián mansion, (at present primary school) and the King Saint Stephen Well, in which Saint Stephen watered his horse according to the legend. A sad literary memory related with the village is that poet Miklós Radnóti went on with his last forced march as an inmate from the neighbouring labour camp, and his last poem was dated here (6th Razglednica). To commemorate the poet of tragic fate, the Radnóti Memorial House was opened presenting a unique collection of photographs. The village is situtated 5 kms both from Balatonalmádi and Veszprém, that is why summer tourism is significant. The infrastructure of the village has developed a lot since 1995. The Millennium memorial park was opened in 2002. There is a cycle-path leading from Veszprém to Balatonalmádi through Szentkirályszabadja. Kind hosts await the visitors at private accommodation of high quality. An outstanding programme is the vintage festival in the middle of September, and the reciting competition bearing the name of Radnóti at the end of October.

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