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The little village guarding the southern entrance of the Nivegy-valley has 96 inhabitants. It is only 4 kms from Zánka and the lake. On the west it is protected by a 339 m high hill, called Hangyás-tető, with vineyards and juniper groves. It is part of the Balaton-Highlands National Park. The Catholic church in the middle of the village was built by the bishopric of Veszprém in 1764. The village is stretching towards the hill on the north, almost reaching the neighbouring village, Szentantalfa. Its viticulture makes this small village great. The 120 hectare contiguous vine-lands are precious because of their professional cultivation and young age. The wines produced here get outstandingly high scores on the local and regional wine competitions. The good location, the optimal combination of soil components and the high number of sunny hours increase the value of the grapes grown here and the wines made from them. The cellars of the stations of the wine tour await visitors. Outstanding events of Tagyon are the Village Day in July and the patronal festival on Magdalen´s day.

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