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Dörögd was first mentioned in documents in 1249, Drugd was a place inhabited by noblemen. In the Middle Ages there were 4 settlements on the area of Taliándörögd: Felső- and Alsó-Dörögd, Imár and Ráskó. In 1548 the Turks burnt down the village and it was uninhabited. The new Dörögd was rebuilt not on the former place of the village but in the 'brushwood' and was owned by several families. The present Taliándörögd got its name from Ferenc Tallián Vizeki. The Catholic, Lutheran and Calvinist churches from the 18th- 19th century are not only the place of religious life, but in summer they house concerts and exhibitons. The small peasant houses, which form rows of special atmosphere, were also built at that time. Other sights: the highest point of the basin the Atibor hill with its wonderful view and black pine wood, the Tik hill with its basalt rocks an old beech trees, the Baksa hill of volcanic origin with its vineyards and the Imar hill covered with rare plants and the cross which was erected by 5 villages of the Dörögdi basin. The Taliándörögd Folk Song Club which owns a gold medal has been operating with the participation of the women of the village since 1975.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Taliándörögd
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