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The village of 1,154 inhabitants is situated in county Baranya, south of the Mecsek hills and north of the Villányi hills, in the territory between these two hills. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages. It is an ancient Hungarian village. At the beginning of the 18th century it was a Serbian village (Rácpetre). The name of the village was changed from Rácpetre to Újpetre on 10 May 1933. One of the oldest parishes of the county can be found here. The present church of the village was built in 1762, the main altar made in 1771 represents Hungarian saints. Some of the houses reflect the typical features of German folk architecture, but there is a large number of modern houses here, too. The streets of the village are tidy and carefully tended. The developing tourism is important in the village, which can offer accommodation at Agritour Kft., in Grécpuszta, at Kohlmann Pension, and in private houses. From these safe places of accommodation meeting all demands visitors can get to organized programmes and excursions.

Önkormányzat, Újpetre
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