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Városlőd with 1,450 inhabitants is situated in the heart of Bakony in a valley surrounded by forests, 14 km from Ajka, from the road No. 8. The "hunting paradise" of the kings of the House of Árpád was first mentioned in the Érdy codex around 1240. King Louis the Great gave the rank of market town to the settlement in the 14th century and made it the centre of the estates extending over several counties of the Carthusian monks whom he settled here. The monastery was built from the stones of the Hölgykő castle which was presented to the order. In 1554 it was demolished so that the Turks could not use it as a fortress. The Franks and the Bavarians who were settled here in the 18th century built their common church on the remained foundation and the remains of the walls of the Carthusian church. The village preserved its German character until 15th January 1948, the deportation, but even today 70% of the 1,450 inhabitants is of German origin. Vince and Charles Stingl founded a stoneware workshop around 1830 which became a well-known majolica factory. The village has rich cultural life: a German folk dance group and a mixed choir were founded after the cultural centre had been opened in 1964. Since then the German ball has been held every year. The house of ethnic traditions was opened in 1988. In 1990 they made contact with the village Wiesthal in Germany. In 1992 they renewed the youth camp with the help of German funds. The school was enlarged between 1993 and 1997. Visitors can relax in the youth camp and the castle hotel in beautiful surroundings.

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