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Village with 380 inhabitants at the northeastern foot of the Villány Mountains, close to the city of Villány. The row of wine cellars on two, sometimes three street-levels on the hill-side is characteristic of the village, and visitors can understand from far away that they arrived at a traditional wine-country. 57 cellars built next to each other, protected as folk monuments, and another twenty nice buildings are built on the Villány side of the village. Vintage of far vineyards is also processed here, in the well-equipped press-houses by vine-dressers. The Batthyány great cellar called "wine cathed<->ral" belongs to the Agriculture of Villány: spectacular view of the Baroque cellar architecture really reminds us to a cathedral. Huge wooden casks of the cellar are suitable for storing 4,000 hectolitres of wine. In the presence of a few hundreds of guests, opening ceremony of the Pécs International Convivial Song Festival is always held here in the second half of September.

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