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The village with band-like lots is situated in the southern foothills of the Zala hills, in the west of county Somogy. The small village of 617 inhabitants is accessible from Gyékényes or from Nagykanizsa on road.
It was first mentioned in records under the name Zacum in 1227. In 1379 the towns of Alsó- and Felső-Zákán were mentioned. The castle of Zákány and the towns were destroyed at the defeat of Szigetvár. Alsózákán owned by the Széchenyi family was resettled again around 1730, while Felsőzákán belonged to the Zichy family. Zákányfalu became an independent village on 20 October 2002.
Sights include St. Stephen Roman Catholic church built in baroque style in 1811 in the place of the old church with the help of count Ferenc Széchényi; the Zichy mansion (the Zichy family converted their manor house built in 1835 into a mansion between 1911 and 1914) the eclectic country seat has served as a school since 1945; the Mansion park attracts visitors with several rare plants and a row of lime trees; the Church park, in the middle of which you can see a monument of the victims of the World Wars I and II; the Jakab pit, with its locally protected oak trees which are more than 100 years old; the region is also famous for its wine, the vineyards can be seen on the hills of Tölöshegy.

Önkormányzati Hivatal, Zákányfalu
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