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Settlement on the most beautiful part of Transdanubia, on the northern part of the monadnocks surrounding the Tapolca basin at the foot of Haláp hill. The village, which is 5 km from Tapolca, was first mentioned in documents in 1243. It was named after its former owner, the Halápy family. They built 3 mansions: one of them in the village, the other two in Dörögd. There is a lake suitable for bathing in Ódörögd. The baroque Roman Catholic church was built in 1770. The altar fresco was made by the famous Austrian painter, Franz Anton Maulbertsch. Beautiful stone crosses can be found on the streets of the village and on the hill. There is a 200-year-old mammoth tree in the protected park in the centre. Besides the Embroidery of Haláp, viticulture also has old traditions on the surrounding slopes. On Vincent's day in January a reception is held for the entrepreneurs, leaders of non-governmental organizations, vine growers and wine makers. In February a Carnival Ball is held - with a fancy dress ball, judging by a jury, drawing a raffle and a ball till dawn. In the European Union Park the local government holds an EU day programme on 1 May every year on the occasion of the accession. The Feast of Grape blooming is organized at the second weekend of June with a mass at the cross renewed in honour of Virgin Mary followed by visiting the open cellars at Haláp hill including wine tasting and having snacks. A new tradition is the Lángos (fried yeast dough) Festival, at which local lángos making women compete with ones coming from other villages. The Village Day is held on the second Saturday of August every year, the patronal festival is in September, the feast of the new wine called Wine tasting on Martin's day is organized on the first Saturday after Martin's day including visiting wine cellars. You can find new developments here every year, the most important of which are the Industrial Park and the Telehouse. The local school provides accommodation for student groups in summers.

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