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Town with 3,210 inhabitants in the valley of river Zala, on road No. 86. The village (Salla) on the Roman Amber Road played an important role in the ancient world. The traces of the Roman culture can still be seen in the local garde of ruins and the museum. The Romanesque chapel of Zalamindszent was built in the 13th century. The Zalapatak church is Baroque. The thatched historic building from the 19th century has an ethnographical significance. Zala Valley Days, held in the second week of August, is an outstanding cultural event in the village. The former Csekék watermill, completely rebuilt as a pension on a small island in the valley of river Zala, offers quiet, pleasant rest for its guests. The clear water of the nearby lakes Borostyán (Amber) and Vadása is excellent for bathing, rowing, surfing and angling. The area is the gateway to the Őrség, ideal for both hiking and hunting enthusiasts.

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