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Village with 435 inhabitants at the foot of hill Zengő. The remains of an ancient town of five thousand years were found in the fields of the village. The late Baroque Calvinist church was built in 1787. The village is rich in cultural memorial places and natural beauties. Memorial room of Lajos Fülep, the first vicar of the village, an art philosopher is placed in the parsonage. The Roman Catholic belfry and the stone cross are listed monuments. The house of regional traditions in a rich peasant's house was built in 1858. There is a weaving workshop in it. The Artistic Egg Collection presents works of art on eggs. The 'Straw-treasury' Museum is an international collection of cultural history. A lot of tourists visit Pál Rockenbauer's grave. The Folk Group, which received the Award of Excellent Ensemble and known all over Europe, preserves the traditions of the village.

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