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Village with nearly 2,400 residents in the heart of Tolna county, which was a built-up area in the Roman Times. It was a dead village after the Turkish domination and became the property of the emperor´s treasury. It was resettled around 1725 and became the Dőry family´s property. In the nineteenth century it became an important settlement of Tolna county. The village kept the right to preserve a pharmacy in 1861, and its first chemist was Mátyás Rozsnyai, who invented the quinine without taste. Four ethnical groups have been living here since the 1940´s resettlements (Hungarians, Germans, Uplanders and Szeklers). Most of the inhabitants of the village are working in agriculture. The St. Gaál Mansion was given its present form at the end of the 19th century, but there used to be a building in its place after the Turks had been expelled. At that time the property belonged to a German soldier family, and it was probably donated to them for their participation in the besiege of the Buda Castle. The building has been restored recently in its original form and furnished with furniture from that period. Now it serves as a hotel with 7 rooms. On one of the most beautiful pearls of the Szekszárd wine region, on Szentgál-vineyard you can find the centre of St. Gaál Wine cellars.

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