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Kamalduli Remeteség Majk


Opening hours during the season: Április 1. és október 31. között. Hétfő kivételével naponta 10–18 óráig.

Opnening hours out of the season: November 1. és április 1. között Hétfő kivételével naponta 10-16 óráig.

Other information:

It was built in 1748-49 in Baroque style. It was rebuilt in 1860. Its utilization is underway. One part of the building is a museum.
The order of Kamaldul settled down in Hungary at the end of the 17th century, they started to build their first hermitage on Zobor hill in 1695. Their clothes were typical, they wore white cowls - that is why they were called the "white friars" - on their feet they wore sandals, they cut their hair short, they shaved the top of their head and they grew a long beard. The order is mainly known for the pledge vow of muteness: the monks were allowed to speak only with the provost's permission, which they got twice a year, for 3-3 days. The heart of Prince Ferenc Rákóczi II was preserved for some time in one of the French monasteries of the Kamaldul order.

Kamalduli Remeteség Majk - Oroszlány (Látnivaló: Látnivaló)

Kamalduli Remeteség Majk - Hungary - Oroszlány (Sight: Sight)

Kamalduli Remeteség Majk - Ungarn - Oroszlány (Sehenswürdigkeit: Sehenswürdigkeit)

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