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Address: 6635 Szegvár, Kossuth L. tér 1.


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It was built between 1768 and 1773 in Baroque style. Its utilization is underway.
The mansion was planned to be a county-hall originally, as the county-seat of Csongrád was in Szegvár between 1773 and 1883. As the leaders of the county could not decide whether to build the seat in Csongrád, Szentes, Szeged or Hódmezővásárhely, they reached a compromise finally and chose the village of Szegvár. The building work was controlled by the sub-prefect of the county, but the noblemen were not satisfied with the new county-seat saying that it was too small and they had to hold the general assembly of county Csongrád in a tent set up in the courtyard several times. Lajos Kossuth stopped here, too, to make a recruitment speech outside the building on 2 October 1848 while he was making a recruitment tour in the country.

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