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(Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság)

Address: 8237 Tihany, -  map
Phone: +36 (87) 555-291, +36 (87) 555-290 Fax: +36 (87) 555-261


Opening hours during the season: I.01.-XII.31.

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The trail draws attention to the special geological formations on the peninsula, but visitors can also become familiar with the botanical, zoological and landscape values along the trail. The total length of the walkway is 18 kilometres, including shorter and longer paths. The stations of the trail: Nyereg hill, Csúcs hill, Geyser field, Golden house, Small forest-peak, castle, Monks' caves. The special post-volcanic formations of the Tihany peninsula were awarded the European Diploma by the European Council on 1 July 2003. The study trail with Hungarian-English information boards can be visited freely, a professional guide is available on request. Tel.: 30/382-7243.

Lóczy-gejzírösvény (Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság) - Tihany (Látnivaló: Nemzeti park)

Lóczy-gejzírösvény (Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság) - Hungary - Tihany (Sight: National Park)

Lóczy-gejzírösvény (Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság) - Ungarn - Tihany (Sehenswürdigkeit: Nationalpark)

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