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 in Bőszénfa:   Hotel - Sight - Wellness, Spa - Business Travel

Meseszálló Bőszénfa


With bathroom

Spa in the hotel's vicinity


Café or drink bar


Wine bar

Children camp

Organization of programmes


Children's swimming pool

Total accommodation: 28 Ppl
Address: 7475 Bőszénfa, Kossuth u. 28. -  map
Phone: +36 (20) 225-7611, +36 (82) 370-756 Fax: +36 (82) 570-516

Number of rooms

Type of rooms



More bedded


Location: peaceful

Discounts for children: 100 %2 Years and Under

Discounts for groups: 10 % more than 16 person(s)

Rooms accessible by wheel-chair: 1 pieces

Opening hours during the season: I.01.-XII.31.

Car park: 8 pieces

Bus parking lot: 1 pieces

Conference hall: 2 pieces

Smallest conference hall: 20 Ppl

Largest conference hall: 50 Ppl

Possibilities: With bathroom, Spa in the hotel's vicinity, Restaurant, Café or drink bar, Vegetarian, Wine bar, Children camp, Organization of programmes, Hunting, Children's swimming pool

Meseszálló Bőszénfa - Bőszénfa (Szállás: Panzió)

Meseszálló Bőszénfa - Hungary - Bőszénfa (Hotel: Pension)

Meseszálló Bőszénfa - Ungarn - Bőszénfa (Unterkunft: Pension)

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