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Oroszlányi Bányászati Kiállítás

Address: 2840 Oroszlány (Majkpuszta), Majk, XX-as akna -  map
Phone: +36 (20) 281-3226


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The exhibition was opened to the public on the former 16th shaft in the town of Oroszlány in 1979 on the 40th anniversary of commencing coal mining. All the parts of the institution have been renewed and since 2001 it can be seen on shaft 20, in the neighbourhood of the reclusory of Majk. The exhibition presents Hungarian coal mining in the second half of the 20th century as a branch of the Central Museum of Mining (Sopron, Templom u. 2.). The equipment of shaft 20 preserved in its original form (the climbing shaft with the shaft house, the ropeway with the trolley lifting station, the car-track for the empty and the loaded trollies etc.), the faces and mining machines of the gallery-like mock-up mine (Scale: 1:1) built to present the "underground mine", the machines of the open-air exhibition and the collection of the history of mining in the former reading room all give an insight into the coal mining of the period controlled by the political regime.

Oroszlányi Bányászati Kiállítás - Oroszlány (Látnivaló: Múzeum)

Oroszlányi Bányászati Kiállítás - Hungary - Oroszlány (Sight: Museum)

Oroszlányi Bányászati Kiállítás - Ungarn - Oroszlány (Sehenswürdigkeit: Museum)

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