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Pele körút (Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság)

Address: 8229 Csopak,
Phone: +36 (87) 555-290, +36 (87) 555-291 Fax: +36 (87) 555-261


Opening hours during the season: I.01.-XII.31.

Other information:

In the shrinking green patches of our dwelling environment, the only elements of fauna and flora to survive are those adapted to man. Our nature trail was intended to present the fauna leaving detectable traces in our environment. The site of the adventure is the park of the headquarters of the Balaton National Park Directorate, established in 2005 in the former summer resort of theCongregatio Jesu. The symbol of the trail is the fat dormouse, familiar in our gardens and attics. Observe and protect our natural values even in our gardens!The nature trail can be visited for free or guided tours can be arranged in advance.

Pele körút (Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság) - Csopak (Látnivaló: Nemzeti park)

Pele körút (Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság) - Hungary - Csopak (Sight: National Park)

Pele körút (Balaton-felvidéki Nemzeti Park Igazgatóság) - Ungarn - Csopak (Sehenswürdigkeit: Nationalpark)

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