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It was built in 1722 in neo-classical style. It was rebuilt in 1742, in 1834 and in 1896. Its utilization is underway.
The owner of the mansion was the "Devil's rider", Móric Sándor, who was famous for his riding virtuosity all over Europe. Once the count rode from Vienna to Buda within 31 hours without changing horses. Another time he jumped over the 7-metre-wide ditch of Bajna on his horse. Once when a ball was held in the White Swan Hostel of Buda, he rode up the stairs into the banquet hall on his horse. He jumped from the portico of the mansion of Bia on his horse over the rose-trees into the carriage entrance. He crossed the Danube at Bratislava and at Pest when the ice on the river was breaking up. Once the Pest-Solt-Kiskun county forbade the count to put three horses to his carriage in the first line, as it was the privilege of the royal family. At this the count put four horses to his carriage in the first line and went to the county hall to appeal against the decision.

Sándor-Metternich-kastély - Bajna (Látnivaló: Látnivaló)

Sándor-Metternich-kastély - Hungary - Bajna (Sight: Sight)

Sándor-Metternich-kastély - Ungarn - Bajna (Sehenswürdigkeit: Sehenswürdigkeit)

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