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Velencetours Bt.

Address: 2483 Gárdony, Szabadság u. 16.
P/F: +36 (22) 355-075, +36 (22) 355-099


Possibilities: Pets allowed, Accomodation service, Playground, Current available, chute, Spa in the hotel's vicinity, Fitness room, Solarium, Buffet, Breakfast, Cooking facilities, holiday cheque, Ornitology, Youth Hostel, Private accomodation, bungalow, DISCO, Live music, Information, Organization of programmes, Excursions by ship, pleasure boat, city trips, Youth programmes, Excursions, trips, Guide, Organization of events, sale of trips, Travel insurance, Own beach, Water sport facilities, Angling, Tennis, Table-tennis, Minigolf, Beach volley-ball, Cycling tour

Velencetours Bt. - Gárdony (Szolgáltatás: Utazási iroda)

Velencetours Bt. - Hungary - Gárdony (Travel Service: Agency)

Velencetours Bt. - Ungarn - Gárdony (Reiseleistung: Büro)

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