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Bakonyi Természettudományi Múzeum


Opening hours during the season: III.16.-XI.15.: K:-V: 09-17h

Opnening hours out of the season: XI.16.-III.15.: K:-V: 10-16h

Other information:

The Museum of Natural Sciences of Bakony can be found on the first floor of the Baroque building of the Cistercian abbey. The permanent exhibitions - 'The nature of the Bakony', 'The mushrooms of the Bakony', 'The small mammals of the Bakony', 'The jewels of nature (minerals)' - await visitors on each day of the week. Its dioramas present the life communities and protected areas of the typical Bakony landscape. The so called "Red book" show case is of high importance. It presents the bird species threatened by extinction. The aquarium and the terrariums give special experience. The mineral exhibition presents a wonderful selection of the rarities of the Carpathian basin. Visitors can buy educational publications, minerals and semi-precious stones in the shop of the museum. Allowance on the entry fee on Sundays.

Bakonyi Természettudományi Múzeum - Zirc (Látnivaló: Múzeum)

Bakonyi Természettudományi Múzeum - Hungary - Zirc (Sight: Museum)

Bakonyi Természettudományi Múzeum - Ungarn - Zirc (Sehenswürdigkeit: Museum)

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