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Bányászati Múzeum

Address: 8400 Ajka, Parkerdő (Csinger-völgy) -  map
Email: ajka.konyvtar@invitel.hu
Phone: +36 (88) 312-836 P/F: +36 (88) 312-946


Other information:

The museum opened in 1965 is the first open air memorial museum of the history of technology in Hungary, it collects the technical and historical relics of the coal mining in Ajka. The group of buildings which has been preserved in the beautiful surroundings - engine-house, shaft-house, forge - exhibition halls, underground show-cases, Power Station Jubilee Memorial House, the palaeontologic and stone collection await visitors throughout the year. The memorial column erected in honour of the victims of the local mine accidents can be found in the garden of the museum.

Bányászati Múzeum - Ajka (Látnivaló: Múzeum)

Bányászati Múzeum - Hungary - Ajka (Sight: Museum)

Bányászati Múzeum - Ungarn - Ajka (Sehenswürdigkeit: Museum)

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