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Village with 3,100 inhabitants 5 km west of Győr, between the Mosoni-Duna and the river Rábca.. People lived here already in the time of the Avars. It was here that the emissaries of Mustafa handed the chopped off head of Miklós Zrínyi, the hero of Szigetvár to the military governor of Győr in 1566. In 1702 Ferenc Rákóczi II was taken via Abda to the Bécsújhely prison, from which he escaped with the help of his wife and captain Gottfried Lehmann. Later in 1703 he became the leader of the war of independence. On 28 June a battle was fought for the possession of the bridge over the Rábca. The monument of the soldiers who lost their lives in the battle can be seen near the bridge, in front of the chapel. Miklós Radnóti, the famous poet was executed here on the bank of the river in 1944. His statue by Melocco Miklós stands by the river.

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