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A large village with 7,275 inhabitants in North-Transdanubia, in the north-west of county Komárom-Esztergom, 10 km west of Komárom. It belongs to the Komárom-Bábolna Small Region. Due to its geographical location, it has excellent transport facilities, as motorway M1, which is the most important market route connecting West-Europe and the Middle-East, runs through its territory.
The village is very rich in natural values. The forest of Ács, which is the largest habitat for Eranthis in Hungary, is under local and national protection along with the group of trees called the Seven chieftains, the row of hazelnut trees, the special trees of Concópuszta, as well as the bank of the Danube suitable for gold-panning. Next to the village you can find Lake Malom in picturesque environment, which is a fishing paradise for visitors. Romanesque details are retained in the late baroque Calvinist church rebuilt in 1802. Catholic church built in the 17th century, its altar-piece is originated from the reclusory of Majk. Monument in commemoration of the martyrs died in World War II and a wooden headboard in the Memorial Park in commemoration of the revolutioners who lost their lives in 1956. The Zichy mansion - the former Esterházy mansion - includes a building from the 13th century, but the left wing, which is a listed monument, was added in the 17th century.

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