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Village with 4,036 inhabitants 7 km west of Szarvas, by road 44. Arriving from the direction of Budapest, it is the gate of Békés county. It got its present name in 1895. Its sights are the baroque St. Andrew church (1784) and the baroque Calvinist church (1806). The world-famous hand-knotted Persian carpets are made here. The works of the woodcarvers and ginger bread makers are also worth seeing. As a result of the regulation of the river Körös and the dam built in 1942 the river got farther from the village and became a slow, peaceful stream suitable for water sports and bathing. The bank of the dead channel was completely built in forming a contiguous resort area with boathouses and bathing places. 9 km from the village there is a big hillock, called Gödény-halom, which is supposed to have been a burial place in the Copper Age. The flood area of the three branches of the Körös is a nature conservation area. Its educational path presents the flora and fauna of this habitat to the visitors.

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