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Csákberény is situated between the Bakony and Vértes mountains at the road No. 8126. It was an estate of the Csák family. It is an original, ancient Hungarian settlement. Remains of buildings - remains of a bath with frescos and stuccos - and grave-stones with inscriptions from the Roman times have been found. One of the most harrowing episodes of the reprisal after the war of independence in 1848-49 is connected to Csákberény: the execution of the Roman Catholic priest, Antal Mansbarth and the Calvinist parson, János Szikszai. 150 years later the village erected a monument in their honour. Excellent wines can be produced in the vineyards of Orond and Old Hill because of its southerly exposure and good climate. Regular programmes in Csákberény: Carnival in February, Village Day on 14th July on the anniversary of the two martyr priests who were executed that day in 1849, Wine Day on the second Saturday of October and patronal festival on Saint Márton's day in November. The Vértesalja Vine-Growing Community was founded in 1995. At present it has almost 300 members. It manages the representation and administration of the local and regional wine production. The village with 1,300 inhabitants is the paradise of tourists. It is ideal for village tourism and awaits visitors with great hospitality.

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