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Large village with 5,100 inhabitants 17 km north of Székesfehérvár, at the foot of the Vértes Mountains. Several million years old remains of 56 animal species were found in the nearby Báraczházi cave, where the traces of prehistoric man were come across too. At the time of the Conquest the area was given to chieftain Előd, and the castle was built by Csák, one of his descendants. The former Esterházy mansion is now used as a hospital. The village was considered a major centre of pottery, this ancient craft is presented by the Potter's House. Other interesting sights in the vicinity include a botanic educational path in the Vértes mountains, and the "Csíkvarsa meadow" which is a nature conservation area: beyond the world of rare birds, the Hungarian grey cows and 'racka' sheep may be watched in their original environment. Geszner House, where the natural resources, beauties and other sights of the Vértes Mountains are displayed, opened in respect of the millenary. Most remarkable program of the settlement is the Floriana Days of Csákvár referring to the name of the town in the ancient times, traditionally held in May.

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