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Village with 600 inhabitants 13 km southwest of Kapuvár in Kisalföld. The name of Csapod (Chapud) is first mentioned in records in 1257. The village belonged to the Kanizsai family became the estate of the Nádasdi family in 1535. Inhabitants of the village died or escaped in the Turkish times, Croatians and Italians were settled here in the 17th century. The estate belonged to the Eszterházys till 1945. The Baroque church was built in 1794, there was a church on the same place already in the 12th century. The altar-piece was made by István Dorfmeister in 1796. The parish building has been made into a House of Regional Traditions. Families and groups can be accommodated in the Csalogánytábor (Nightingale Camp) and the camping.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Csapod
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