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Settlement with 1,130 inhabitants in the historic wine region of Mór on the edge of Vértes Landscape Conservation Area. The village was named after the only medieval stone castle in Fejér county built at the height of 208 m. The 700-year-old rock fortress was built on the rock plateau over the Mór ditch in the western part of the Vértes. The castle of Csókakő was the most important political centre (after Székesfehérvár) of the region during the 13-16th centuries, it was the centre of the castle region occupying almost quarter of the county. The reconstruction work of the castle has been getting on well since 1995. Apart from the municipality the Castle Friends Association also help in the work. The Csókakő Days are organized together with the Castle Days at the beginning of September. Thousands of visitors come to see the popular traditional programmes. The village is also famous for its wine growers. Its famous wine is the Ezerjó. The wine growers of the village founded the local Wine Order. Sight of Csókakő is the Jordán forest with almost 350-year-old primeval oak trees. There will be a significant development of tourism in the area. Its large-scale plans have already been made. The 'Blue sign' hiking path goes through the village. The village offers high standard accommodation and programmes. The village is developing and getting prettier continuously, awaiting visitors with traditional hospitality.

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