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”A place where nature and culture meet…”. Csörötnek is situated at the gate of Őrség region, in the heart of the valley of the river Rába – in the countryside decorated with gentle hills, shady forests, trickling brooks, on the bank of the winding, romantic river Rába, at the junction of roads coming from four directions, near Szentgotthárd. Its vineyard with wonderful natural endowments called the ”Fruit route of Rába valley” is the centre of local viticulture and wine making and an excellent excursion spot. The section of the Rába at Csörötnek belongs to the Őrség National Park and it is the most valuable part of the park. It offers a fishing paradise with clean waters rich in fish and it is a popular spot for rafting, too. The Akácfa camping site on the bank of the river offers high qualiy services for tourists with tents and caravans. An outstanding architectural sight is the modern Roman Catholic church built in 1985, next to which you can find a belfry and a baptistry of Mediterranean character. A Cistercian relic of the village is the monument mill built in 1814, which is to be restored. The locals love, preserve and look after the values of their village and recommend them with genuine hospitality to tourists coming here.

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