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Village with 2,500 inhabitants on a typical area of Mezőföld, in the valley of the Bozót brook. It was first mentioned in a deed of gift in 1138. In 1769 it became a property of the Festetics family. Antal Festetics was the first who chose Dég to be the centre of his estates. He built his castle, which still stands, between 1815-1819 upon Mihály Pollack's plans. The beautiful neoclassical building (a listed monument) with its impressive size and harmonic dimensions has an outstanding place among the castles of Hungary. There are a lot of rarities in the 25 hectare highly protected park of the castle. The peduncular oak trees with their girth of 3-5 m are fascinating. The Dutch house stands on one of the artificial islands of the castle park. It used to be an agricultural museum of the region. A flood almost destroyed the building, which is slowly becoming the symbol of the beauty of Mezőföld. Since then the exhibition has not been opened. The House of the Regional Traditions is a new sight of Dég. The Antal Festetics Foundation was founded with the aim to facilitate the utilization of the castle, and it also organizes permanent and temporary exhibitions and classical music concerts until the completion of the utilization. Another sight is the Roman Catholic church and the parsonage. Both of them are listed monuments. This year the house of regional traditions will be accomplished. A hiking path will be made towards the counts' cemetery in the depths of the forest. The castle itself can be visited from April to October. The events, concerts and exhibitions of the castle are worth visiting. There is also a fishing association in the village; the lake of the castle is ideal for fishing. The village offers high standard accommodation. Besides a pension there is a forest school and church accommodation. Hunting is co-ordinated by the Nimród Hunting Association. Outstanding event of the village is the meeting of folk dance groups, which will be organized for the fifth time in July. The Village Day is organized in July, too. Summer end festival is held around 20th August. The tourist season ends with a vintage procession and ball in October.

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