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Large village with 4,670 inhabitants in county Békés, 9 km north-east of Békéscsaba, the county seat. The village is accessible on road from Békéscsaba, Gyula, Sarkad and Vésztő. It has a good bus service. 4 km from the village centre you can find the Szanazug holiday resort, which is part of the village administratively. The resort is situated at the delta of the rivers Fehér-Körös and Fekete-Körös, on the banks of the river Kettős-Körös. It is surrounded by an oak wood in the north. The air is clean and the area is ideal for recreation. At the moment accommodation is provided in more than 300 holiday homes, in a youth camp for 250 people and in the camping site on the left bank of the river Körös. The ferry can take passengers from one side of the river to the other. Due to the river bank, Szanazug is a popular holiday resort. The village is rich in waters. The biggest is the river Kettős-Körös, a big still water is the fishing lake of 2,8 ha consisting of two parts between the bridge of Kettős-Körös and the encircling dam of Doboz. For the celebration of the Millennium, the local council of Doboz erected a public statue called 'Furulyázó Pásztor' (Shepherd playing the flute) referring to the way of life of the inhabitants in the old settlement. Béla Bartók lived in this old village and collected folk songs between 1905 and 1906. To commemorate this collecting work, a memorial tablet was placed on the wall of the local council hall. In the centre you can find the Calvinist church built in late Baroque style between 1794 and 1798. The Romantic hunting mansion of the Wenckheim family was built on the design of Miklós Ybl in 1854. The 6 ha park of the mansion is a nature conservation area. The Holy Cross chapel and the family mausoleum were designed by N. Schidek (1901). The three-storey granary with an ensilage tower is an agricultural historic sight. The Hunting Days are organized in the first days of August.
Doboz celebrates its 930th anniversary in 2005. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements of Hungary, an ancient Hungarian village. It is the second most popular place with tourists in county Békés. The main attractions are the natural beauties, bathing and hunting.

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