The village of 4,500 inhabitants is situated 12 km from the county seat, Szeged. Important architectural relics are the Zöldfás (Green Trees) Church built in 1938, and the modern downtown Holy Cross Parish church, which was built from donations according to the plans by Dénes Peczel between 1985 and 1988. The Köztársaság (Republic) square is decorated with the monument of the heroes of the World War. Near the square the Sports Hall, the size of which complies with international standards, awaits visitors. In the centre you can also find the Telehouse opened in the year of the Millennium, which offers informatics and office services to customers. Domaszék awaits visitors in the wine cellars with regional wines grown on sandy soil, and with brioche and pie made by the women of the village. For the lovers of fishing excellent recreation is offered at the private fishing lake near the Sziksós bath. Pleasure drives with 4-5 carriages is arranged for visitors, too. After riding or playing sport you can have a rest in one of the restaurants of the village offering local specialities. The Zöldfás Catholic Youth Centre of the village organizes national and international programmes every year. The agriculture of Domaszék is related with several programmes held in the village: the Carrot Festival, the Harvest Feast, the Village Day in July, the Feast in September, the Pig-slaughtermen's Day and the Catherine Ball in November.

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