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Town with 4,257 inhabitants 72 km south of Budapest right on the bank of the Danube. An inn and a butcher's shop were rented here by István Petrovics, father of the poet Sándor Petőfi. In this famous building you can find a Petőfi memorial house today. Among others, the poem Füstbe ment terv (Plan gone up in smoke) is associated with this place. At that time the poet found his way back to his parents and his poem Távolból (From far away) is about this place, although it was not written here. This poem was set to music and became the anthem of Dunavecse. In front of the Culture House bearing his name there is a monument of the eminent musicologist and translator Béla Vikár famous for his translation of Kalevala, who died in the village. Another significant sight is the Calvinist church built in 1745, the tower of which was designed by József Hild. Other famous people who were born here are painter Jean Tóth, who became well-known in France, and the world-famous photographer, Andre Kertész. The Danube is ideal for water tours and water sports. Apart from the Danube you can go fishing in the channel of Fűzvölgy. The parks decorated with nice monuments, the Danube bank nearby provide excellent relaxation for visitors.

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