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The sights of Écs include the mediaeaval Roman Catholic church (a monument) from the 11th century, which was rebuilt in the 18th century. In the course of the rebuilding at the end of the 19th century its vaulted nave was replaced by a flat ceiling with a neoclassical roof, which gave the building a special eclectic character. It has a semicircural sanctuary. During the restoration process mediaeval wall remains and some original Romanesque windows were revealed on the outer wall surface. The tower was given an onion-shaped dome modelled on the original one in 1983. Its furnishings include the baroque altar (the altarpiece depicts the scene when King St. Stephen is offering his crown to Virgin Mary), on the decorated pulpit (1800) you can see a painting of the four evangelists, to the left of the entrance you can find St. Anthony chapel. The church was renewed in 1992. A monument of World Wars I and II. (1921). Carved stone statues can be seen on a decorated base. Stone cross (1886) with Virgin Mary on its base, surrounded by a fence. Mary column (1913). A small statue of Mary can be seen on a base decorated with a relief column. Belfry (1922). 50m from the entrance of Old street you can find a footpath which leads to the top of the hill (2 minutes’ walk). Here you can find the belfry, the bell of which was made in memory of World War I. Next to it you can see a wooden cross.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Écs
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