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A large village with 7,280 inhabitants in Greater Cumania, 15 km east of Törökszentmiklós. The old settlement, a market town, became depopulated under the Turks. After having repeopled in the 18th century the village has seen a fresh development since 1846. Sights include: the remaining 15th century spire - Csonkatorony - of the former church of the village, the 18th century statue of Saint John of Nepomuk standing in a ”house” erected on the former place of customs collection. A member of the tumulus Kettős halom called ”Calvary” was said to have magical powers in the past centuries. Those who believe in natural therapies visit the hill again with the aim of regeneration, natural care. According to the people who feel the radiation, the hill emits most of its medicinal powers in the second half of July, but it is worth visiting it all year round. Events include Children’ s Drama Festival 30th-31st March; 4th National Student Goulash Festival 19th May; VTN 22nd-24th June; Solymászmise Pantheon 13th October, 9 and 10 a.m.; Feast 21st October.

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