Town with 15,000 inhabitants on the edge of Hortobágy at the river Tisza. The Tisza has always had an important role in the life of the town. Tiszafüred is the largest settlement and tourist centre of the Tisza region. The town with its surroundings is a popular place among lovers of quiet natural environment. Visitors have the opportunity to ride and participate in riding and cycling tours along the Tisza. Who once has seen this landscape falls in love with it and returns here year by year. Besides Tisza Lake the town has also thermal water: a thermal bath awaits visitors. There is a swimming-pool, a bathing pool and a thermal water pool. Its 39 °C alkali-hydrogen-carbonite water is ideal for recreation and healing locomotor and rheumatic disorders. A wonderful hotel on the bank of the Tisza, friendly pensions, high standard campsites and private rooms welcome visitors. Those wo are interested in folk art can learn the famous pottery of Füred and visit Kiss Pál Museum and the Gáspár Nyúzó Potter's Regional House. There are two potteries in the town even today. The articles made by them can be nice souvenirs from the town. Because of its good location people can easily reach the sights of the surroundings. Besides a wide range of programmes the largest fishing place of Hungary awaits visitors.

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